Harvesting the red king crab
For just three months of each year, from September through December, the Arctic Ocean's coldest, deepest, and most formidable waters offer up a rare prize.

And for three days we sail, deep into the harshest swells kicked up by the desolate Far North, to seek it. This is the unforgiving lair of the Red King Crab – the world's biggest and most famous crab – and it is the gauntlet tackled by Fancy Crab to bring you the unbridled joy of one of our planet's most sublime seafood dishes.

We preserve every ounce of the Red King Crab's taste and hale using our unique technology so that, from the depths of that perilous ocean to those of your satisfied belly, the fullness of its delicacy is kept.

Come now, come all – experience Red King Crab like never before, as the chefs of Fancy Crab reveal to you incredible new levels of seafood perfection.
The world's most elegant shellfish
Our Red King Crab is wild and never farmed.

It's caught at sea by crews of crab catchers, who only harvest the adult males to maintain the stocks of these magnificent creatures.

While still at sea, the caught crab are immediately cooked in sea water and frozen. This quick process preserves the delicate flavour of the meat, as well as making sure the crab don't get stressed.

We serve our luxurious Red King Crab in two ways: simply on ice with dipping sauces and pickles, or baked over charcoal with butter and thyme, again served with delicious dipping sauces.

ROSE – The super-tender shoulder or 'knuckle' (aka 'the bit where the leg meets the body')

CAPPUS – The lower portion of the leg all the way to the tip, sweet and delicate

MERUS – From the largest part of the leg, these bad boys are big, succulent and meaty