The Restaurant

Fancy Crab brings original dining to the heart of London.

In an atmosphere of laid-back, welcoming sophistication, discover the finest, freshest seafood and fish, classic dishes created with the highest quality ingredients from land and sea, the most incredible wines.

And the star of our show: the Red King Crab – possibly the sexiest ingredient on the planet.

Taste-wise, the Red King Crab is quite simply the best in the world. Ours is sourced from the cold, open waters of the Northern part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Caught just once a year to preserve the stocks of these magnificent creatures. Always wild, never farmed, because we believe free food taste better.

Expertly prepared, so it couldn’t be easier to eat. Served on ice or simply baked with butter and thyme, to allow the sublime flavours of this sweet, succulent meat to shine.

Lunch or dinner is a truly luxurious experience at Fancy Crab. Welcome to the party.

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